Pipeline Right of Way Negotiations

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Pipeline Right of Way Negotiations

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As our population grows and shifts through urbanization, property owners are forced to tackle new challenges that deal with pipeline easements and pipeline right of way regulations.

Are you affected by a pipeline project in your area?

Do you know your rights?

How will urbanization affect your property value?

At Sweat Law Offices, we know these are real issues property owners face. We’ve been helping to negotiate pipeline right of way situations for years, and here we’ll address the pressing questions you may have.

Natural Gas Pipeline

What are my rights in preventing a pipeline project?

Typically, projects will proceed with eminent domain once they are approved by the local state utility commission or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission—unless there are special circumstances. So, timing is crucial. Coalition groups that are formed before the project begins may be successful in thwarting the progress.

What are my options?

Natural Gas PipelineYou can propose alternate routes so that the project bypasses your property, but without special circumstances, this will be challenging. Utility companies will have already assessed the area and determined the best course of action. If your property falls within that path, you’ve got a steep hill to climb.

Am I entitled to more money than is being offered?

It’s entirely possible. If the surface use of your property is greatly affected by the easement, you may qualify for more compensation. Utility companies will determine what they believe is the value of the impact to the surface of the property, but historically they tend to fall short when it comes to estimating the value of the easement itself.

Did you know you are entitled to compensation under eminent domain law?

At Sweat Law Offices, we can negotiate better terms on your behalf. Rather than focus on changing the easement, which is unlikely during eminent domain, we can focus on making sure you are compensated fairly. For example, if the surface of your land is damaged, thereby affecting the value of your property, you may be entitled to greater compensation.

Turn to the attorneys at Sweat Law Offices

It’s important to know your rights and be compensated fairly. Property owners who choose to pursue their full claim instead of settling will benefit from legal advice and representation by our team. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with pipeline right of way negotiations.

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