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Washington, Pa., Pittsburgh, and the Surrounding Counties

Sweat Law’s litigation practice areas cover a substantial part of the legal spectrum. Our litigation attorneys possess outstanding ability and a wide scope of experience. They represent clients before the state and federal courts, as well as before administrative agencies, other public authorities, and arbitrators. Our attorneys effectively handle a variety of cases.

Our attorneys’ outstanding ability and extensive experience assure clients of effective and expeditious handling of sophisticated litigation matters, while their expertise and approach helps to resolve the less complicated and routine case quickly and at the least cost. By drawing on the knowledge, mix experience and ability of the Firm’s attorneys in our diverse practice areas, we develop optimum strategies for each client, thereby assuring value and excellent results.

The attorneys at Sweat Law devise and execute cost-effective litigation strategies designed to achieve favorable results fully compatible with the objectives of our clients. We pride ourselves on being readily and easily available to our clients and proactively providing advice and counsel designed to avoid litigation, while vigorously safeguarding the legal rights of our clients.

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