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Estate Planning

What happens if you don’t have an estate plan?

Estate planning is the process of getting your personal and financial affairs organized in the event of your death or mental incapacitation. By creating an estate plan, you can make sure your loved ones are protected. Basics of Estate Planning Estate planning is the process of designating who will receive your assets and […]

Pipelines at Sunset

Monitoring Your Royalties & Lease Compliance

Do you fully understand your oil and gas lease and what you are owed? With oil prices dropping, some oil and gas companies have fallen short on paying royalties that are owed. The ripple effect has caused class action suits to emerge.


Has my Oil and Gas Lease Expired?

Do you know if your oil and gas lease is about to expire or has expired? Often, the answer is unclear. In fact, many landowners are surprised to learn that according to standard oil and gas leases, the contract is not terminated even when a lessee fails to pay them royalties.

Business Entities

7 Things you need to Legally do When Starting a Business

Before starting a business, you need to ensure that your business strategy meets the legal requirements of the industry. The success of your business relies on having the proper legal matters in order, so it is essential to take the proper steps to ensure you start your business lawfully and remain protected. In this article, […]

Selling Your Mineral Rights

Should I Sell my Mineral Rights?

Selling your mineral rights is an appealing idea, but how do you know if you should? If you are a landowner, the idea of selling your mineral rights may have crossed your mind and these days, with the prices for minerals steadily increasing, it may be a good time to consider doing so.