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Pennsylvania oil and gas leases have never been more secure with Sweat Law Offices on your side.

The oil and gas lawyers at Sweat Law have more than 50 years of experience in the industry. Thinking of signing a contract? It’s critical that you understand the terms of any contract before signing. In fact, before you enter into any transaction, the oil and gas lawyers at Sweat Law Offices recommend you consult with an attorney who is well-versed specifically in oil and gas leases.

Why choose Sweat Law?

  • We create, negotiate, and review oil and gas leases on your behalf with the utmost emphasis on your best interests now and in the future.
  • You gain peace of mind in knowing your rights have been upheld and negotiated in favor of by Pennsylvania’s best counsel in oil and gas affairs.
  • Our understanding of the Pennsylvania energy industry means we can consult with you to make the best decisions possible.

We represent clients in a variety of oil and gas transactions:

  • We’ll generate oil and gas contracts per Pennsylvania law that entail exploration, operation, and the purchase and sale Agreements
  • We’ll negotiate on your behalf all aspects of an oil and gas lease before you sign on the line.

Important Provisions of an Oil and Gas Lease:

  • We’ll negotiate a favorable Royalty rate for you that limits post-production costs
  • We’ll generate a favorable lease bonus payment by leaning on our contacts within the industry to negotiate the highest possible price per acre you can obtain.
  • Sweat Law Offices will include favorable Addendum Language into your Oil and Gas lease to protect both your surface and sub-surface rights. Scared the Oil and Gas lease will disturb your farming operations? Allow Sweat Law Offices to protect your interest.

Why is proper representation critical?

Nobody wants to be subjected to liability or financial risk. The best way to avoid a poorly executed oil and gas transaction is to be sure you’re working with the right team of attorneys in the first place. Sweat Law Offices will guide you every step of the way so that you always have your best foot forward and you avoid future pitfalls as well.

Isn’t that kind of confidence worth it?

Need an oil and gas transaction lawyer in Pennsylvania?

Look no further. The expert team at Sweat Law Offices is here to help you. Contact us online or by phone to set up your consultation today.

Find out how the team at Sweat Law can help you.

Legal matters can be stressful and complex. Trust our team to handle your case with care, respect and integrity, so you can rest easy.

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