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Oil and gas development can present unique and complex issues that can be intimidating and challenging. At Sweat Law Offices, our oil and gas practice is dedicated to protecting the interests of landowners and royalty owners. Sweat Law Offices have effectively negotiated over one thousand oil and gas leases.

Sweat Law Offices has assisted landowners and royalty owners negotiate new leases, overriding royalties and participation agreements. We have also advised clients on lease preservation and maintenance issues. SLO has also advised clients on lease development and production issues, including the impact and effect of delay rental and shut-in royalty clauses, as well as the implied covenants to live develop and market oil/gas. SLO has also represented landowners in connection with surface access and pipeline right-of-way issues We can proactively identify and avoid potential issues that frequently arise when leases do not receive a thorough vetting. These can include:

New Lease Negotiations

  • Royalty rates
  • Provisions addressing surface damage
  • Lease terms
  • Warranties
  • Assignments

Experienced Pittsburgh Minerals Rights Attorneys

SLO has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry protecting landowners in the following areas:

Have you been approached to sell your Oil and Gas Mineral Rights?

SLO can protect your rights to determine if selling all or a portion of your oil and gas is appropriate for your situation. We have a thorough step-by-step process to assist you in your mineral sale that includes: (1) mineral valuation; (2) protect you against brokers and connect you with the true oil and gas buyers; (3) draft oil and gas sale and purchase agreements; (4) draft an oil, gas, and mineral deed.

If you have been approached about leasing or selling your mineral rights, contact us today!

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